Friday, 10 February 2012

San Jie's Cuddles Moments with Shiro

 Hey, guys! It's a beginning of February, even though it's 10th February, but since my first photostory has been a great success, here's my collection of San Jie's sweet moments with his pet Shiro~

I love you, San Jie!!!And Shiro too~ <3

Saturday, 28 January 2012

San Jie's Funny Photostory (IS Adrian)

Hey, guys! This is my first photostory, featuring my boy, San Jie (IS Adrian) and his pet rabbit, Shiro.  I hope you guys enjoy my very first photostory.

San Jie (IS Adrian) : Look, Shiro! Isn't she a cutie?  That's the girl of my dreams~~<3
Shiro :  Purr purr purr (Translation : Yes, she is!^^) 

Me :  Hey, boys! What you guys doing?^_^
San Jie : Oh, hey Mom! Me and Shiro just browsing the website using your laptop.  I hope you don't mind   us using it.

Me :  Sure, I don't mind that you're using my laptop but can I ask you, what are you doing with the Asleep Eidolon's Dora pic??
San Jie : Actually Mom, can I have her as my girlfriend?^_^

Me :  You mean THE ASLEEP EIDOLON DORA? But, she's more expensive than you..(=_=''')
San Jie :  I know. Can I have her?^///^
Me :  Sorry to say, San  Jie..My answer is no.  I like Dora too but there are many SD girls that have sweet face like her, plus affordable for me to buy.

San Jie : You know, Shiro.  I guess you're right.  It's time to use the "Sparkling Persuasive Attack"!
Shiro :  Purr purr!! ( Let's do it! :D)

* Releasing The Sparkling Persuasive Attack*
San Jie :  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeee~
Shiro : Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~
Me :  Uhhhhhhhhh...(=////=''') Okay fine, you win.  But, at one condition.
San Jie :  What is it?^///^

Me :  You have to let me buy him first, and then your Dora. Agree?
San Jie :  WHAAAT!!?? HIM!??

San Jie :  But, but..He's a guy..Plus, he's a Kizdoll Deey...Please buy anyone else but him~~
Me :  What's wrong with Kizdoll Deey anyway?  Do you have any connection with him??*curious*

San Jie :  Uhh, me?? No, no! It's just...Fine, you can buy him first but make sure you remember that you promise to buy me Dora.
Me :  Okay, you have my word.  Now, can you excuse me for a moment?? I need to check my bank account at the convenient store...Bye~^^
San Jie : Okay, bye Mom!

San Jie :  Well, Shiro..I don't want to meet "that guy" again, but since she promised me to buy Dora, well I guess I have to face him sooner or later..(*=__= )
Shiro :  Purr, purr!(He looks like an interesting guy!^^)


Friday, 27 January 2012

It's a little bit late, but Happy New Year 2012!!!

Hey, wassup guys!!It's been a while I haven't updated my blog coz I've been busy with my studies and etc, but I wish you guys have a Happy New Year 2012!!

Oh, San Jie's has a new faceup this year!I hope you guys enjoy his new faceup~^^

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dah Lame X Update Blog~

Hey, guys!!What's up? I haven't updating my blog since while cause I'm kinda busy with my assignments and so forth..Today I only have one class only and I used this opportunity to faceup my little guy, San Jie. For those who haven't seen my first attempt faceup, here's the link..

Okay, here's my pic of my 2nd attempt faceup..

So, how's my skills? If you ask me, I prefer this 2nd faceup!!It's really suits his personality and I couldn't resist his handsomeness!! But again, I screwed up his eyeliner…TT^TT

BTW, thanks for looking at my blog, guys!!I’ll promise I will post a new topic of my life~<3

Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy 21st Birthday, Birthday Girl!!

Hey, wassup!!Dah lame x update blog ni sejak cuti sem aritu...Mane xnye, aku ade 3 ank buah dgn 4 adik-beradik kene dilayan..Busy wehh~

Anyway, aku xde la nk heboh ape bende yg aku post ni, tapi today's is my birthday and in fact, it's my 21st birthday~

Which means that I'm getting old and I think music these days are sounding like c**p, not like the music I use to hear when I was young..(LOL, this is the truth!!Watch South Park Season 15, episode "You're Getting Old" and also the sequel, "@$$ Burgers")

Yeah, today's a big day for me and I can't wait to celebrate with my love ones and for this special post, I would like to include the usual "Happy Birthday" song in Korean and Prince of Tennis version with sing-a-long..Enjoy~<3

Korean version

Prince of Tennis version

Happy birthday, Miana!!!<3

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Humaira Khairul Alhapiz

Hello, geng!!This is yaoi-hime and for today's post it's about my newborn niece, Humaira Khairul Alhapiz~

It happened on the first day of Raya when my sis, Hawa has a contraction in the evening and that night she gave birth to a cute little girl..Here's the picture of her when she on the hospital~

The most noticeable thing is the 'trademark nose' of the Jams..Emil, Seri, Abang and Adeek also have that kind of nose..Heheheh~

Humaira: Hmm, let's see..I got Mommy's eyes and nose, my Mak Teh Nani's mouth and my Daddy's skin colour~

And now, she almost 3 weeks old and here's the rest of her pics~

OK,'s almost 12:00 AM, time to sleep and tomorrow I have lots of studying to do..So, for the end of this post, here's the last pic of baby Humaira with her cousin, Adeek~
Adeek: Hello, Humaira. My name is Hariz..You're black and I'm gonna eat your bald head~
Humaira: >:(

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hampir Nk Bersawang

Perggh, dh lame aku x update blog aku ni...Nk wat camner, aku ade final exam start 27hb ni(Hahaha, lmbt kan exam aku start..nk wat camner, aku ade 3 paper jer utk final~Hehehehe..)

Anyway, wish me gudluck dlm final..mintak2 aku xde r***** mane2 paper~ (aku terpakse censored-kan perkatan 'R' tu sbb perkataan tu terlalu ngeri bagi aku..=_=''')

Jaane, minna-san~

P/S: Mintak2 time exam aku x hanggok kepale aku kt meja mcm ni..huhuhuhu~